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10 ANCIENT ROMAN COINS AE3 - Uncleaned and As Found! - Unique Lot 31930

10 ANCIENT ROMAN COINS AE3 - Uncleaned and As Found! - Unique Lot 31930

10 ANCIENT ROMAN COINS AE3 - Uncleaned and As Found! - Unique Lot 31930

Uncleaned ANCIENT ROMAN COINS Lot of 10 - As Found!  SPECIAL OFFER - LIMITED AVAILABILITYOnce considered a hobby of only Kings and the elite, cleaning and collecting Ancient Roman coins offers opportunity to actually discover lost history - in the modern comfort of your home or classroom. Once so rare as to only be gazed upon inside of museums, modern metal detector technology and urban growth of recent generations has led to the discovery of many coins making it possible for more and more to enjoy this fascinating hobby. Underneath the accumulation you see is the potential of very beautifully detailed bronze coins. They are often discovered by those who are the first to conserve them. Each one is an ancient piece of art and history, hand struck and unique. Conserving them is fun, exciting, and is not that difficult as most often requires only distilled water, a brass brush and patience. There are other methods as well. Researching them is fun and educational. Most coins display clues as to when and where they were made and are quite researchable. The history of the era from which they come is rich and ties into our modern world in many fascinating ways especially in our language, religion, and culture. There are many web sites devoted to helping those who are new to this hobby.*****************  This is a random selection - from about the late 3rd to mid 4th century - Constantine "The Great" era. Guaranteed to be Authentic. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.Actual coins offered in this lot are pictured (both sides shown). - Bid is for all 10 coins.15-18mm (A US dime is about 18mm and weighs about 2.25 grams) These coins are historic archaeological artifacts that were recently excavated from various regions of Eastern Europe. These coins are in nascent, un-restored condition and are presented here as discovered. They are mostly preserved by protective layers of patina and minerals from the historic sands in which they were found. None of them are gold. However, some specimens may have trace amounts of silver.They are ideal for history education, hobby, projects, restoration and conservation (previous experience is recommended for best results. They are great for beginners as well) or for fun, display, or "show and tell". Most may display more intricate detail if they are restored and conserved, however, individual results will vary and are unpredictable.  These coins have had NO previous cleaning and very little modern day handling. Some show good details already while some are more encrusted and show only a hint of what may be discovered.Legally Imported from a private collector in HUNGARY VIA USPS CUSTOMS RR229405395HU

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